Call for Abstracts

1.Important Dates

Call for Abstracts Open Date January 4, 2018 (10:00 JST)
Abstract Submission Deadline January 31, 2018 (17:00 JST)
Abstracts submission system has been closed.
Acceptance notification Around middle of March, 2018
Registration Deadline for Presenters April 27, 2018 (17:00 JST)
Type of Poster June 15, 2018 Poster Presentation
June 17, 2018  Paste onto Poster board

*JST = Japan Standard Time
*Abstract submissions can only be made electronically through the congress website during the designated submission period.
*Abstracts submitted by e-mail, mail or fax CANNOT be accepted under any circumstance.
* Please click on the online submission link at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions.

2. General Rules for Abstract Submission

*Applicants for English Presentations will not be required to be a member of JSPM.
* Please do not submit abstracts that have already been published and presented.
* Session conveners reserve the right to reject submitted abstracts that are poorly written, do not follow the submission guidelines, and/or are outside the scope of the conference.
* Notification regarding acceptance or rejection of abstracts will be sent to the presenting author around end of March 2018 by email.

3. Abstract Preparation Guidelines

Report Type

There are two submission options. Please indicate your first choice concerning the type of Poster in the application form.

Type A Poster Presentation (15th June): required to complete early registration for Full Conference Pass. (Click here for more information)
Type B Paste onto Poster board (17th June): required to complete one of which Full Conference Pass or 1-day Pass, On-site registration only.
Type Notes
Type A You are required to complete early registration for Full Conference Pass (JPY 13,000) at this site,where you can access all JSPM 2018 programs for 3days from 15th to 17th June.
Type B You are required to complete on-site registration (JPY 5,000),which you can access on 17th June only.
If you want access to all JSPM 2018 programs for 3days from 15th to 17th, you are required to complete early registration for Full Conference Pass
(JPY 13,000) at this site and you will not be required to make a poster presentation on 15th June.

1) The category that relates best should be selected from the list of topics given in the application form

The category

2) Abstract Body

Abstract Formats by Report Type Abstracts should use the following structured format:

Number of words

Title The total number of words is limited to 20 words.
Author The maximum presenter is up to 11 persons per abstract including first author and co-authors.
Affiliation The maximum of affiliated facility is up to 6 facilities.
Body The total number of characters for the abstract body is limited to 250 words (including spaces). Registration is not possible if the number exceeds this limit.

Graphs and Tables

Abstracts should not include any diagrams, charts or reference citations.

・Use HTML tags for returns, Greek characters, subscripts and superscripts, etc. Further information on input can be found in "Guidelines for entering Title and Abstract."

3) Number of the Abstract
*There is no limit to the number of abstracts an author may submit.
* Authors who submit multiple abstracts should be prepared to make arrangements for alternative presenters to attend if more than one abstract is accepted and presentation times overlap. In all case, the presenter must be part of the submitted authors list and be able to present and discuss all aspects of the research.

4) Other
Criteria for written abstracts.
*All abstracts must be written in clear English, and submitted as poster presentation.
*It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that the text does not contain typos or grammatical errors.
* Proprietary names of drugs are not allowed - the generic names must be used.

4. Disclosure of Conflict of Interest (Mandatory): (COI)

1) Conflict of Interest: A potential conflict of interest exists when there is involvement between the speaker/presenter with any for-profit commercial form or organization (FPC). This includes, but is not limited to, one or more of the following: you have 10% or more of stock of an FPC, you received more than 1 million yen as research expenses in total related to clinical medicine studies, lecturer for a FPC from which income is derived; officer, board member, owner or employee of an FPC.

2) When submitting your abstract, please answer your reply to the questions regarding COI.

3)All authors will be required to disclose COI somewhere in your poster presentation.

Template of slide

5. Travel Grant

We are pleased to announce that the JSPM 2018 organizing committee will offer travel grants to overseas participants who would like to submit abstracts as International members, traveling from all parts of the world(country,25 or below at this site) to present high quality papers at the meeting. Only one person per abstract (the presenting author) will be considered for the Travel Grant. Funding for travel will not exceed JPY50,000 per grant, and will be limited to 20 members.

To be eligible, the applicant must:
・Abstract is adopted as either type A or type B.
・If you are adopted as type A, be pre-registered for the congress and complete the payment of registration fee by the end of March, 2018.

Decisions for Travel Grant awards will be made around mid March, 2018 (tentative). at the same time as notification of abstract acceptance. We will inform you of the payment details in our notification email.

Step 1. Abstract Submission
All Travel Grant applicants need to submit the abstracts instructed above.
Step 2. Travel Grant Application
Submit an abstract and apply for a Travel Grant at the same time.

6. How to register

1)Required browsers
Our online abstract submission page currently corresponds with the following browsers;
Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari (ver.2.0.3 (417.9.2) or later). Please DO NOT use any other browsers.

2)Submission number and Password
Please set up a password upon submission. This password along with your submission number is necessary to make any changes to your abstract or see information from the secretariat. Please keep your submission number and password until the meeting. Please be informed, the congress secretariat CANNOT answer any inquiries regarding your password due to security reasons.

3) Confirmation e-mail
If your abstract has been registered correctly, an automated confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address entered during the registration process. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, there is a possibility that your registration was incomplete or e-mail address was wrong. If wrong address is registered, please login to UMIN website and amend correct one. If your registration was in complete, please proceed to register your abstract.

4) Revision of Abstract
Click the “Check/Revise” on the online abstract submission page, and enter your submission number and password. Revise your abstract, and click on the “Update” when you are finished.

5) Cancelling Abstract Submission
Canceling of abstract submission can be done online by using the Submission Number and password sent to you in the confirmation e-mail. Please note that canceling will not be accepted after the abstract submission deadline.

6) Others
If you have any question about UMIN, click here

7. Acceptance/Rejection Notification

*All abstracts will be reviewed in the same manner. Abstract acceptance is determined by the Congress Chairperson 2018, based on the reviews from the Abstract Review Committee commissioned by the Congress Chairperson.

*The first/presenting author will be notified of the decision of Acceptance / Rejection by email from Abstract Division at around end of March 2018. Your presentation style, and date/time will be also notified.
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